Victoria Street Congregational Church

1778 - services held in the Market Place and shortly in Common Yard (a room at the back to the Town Hall).

1782 - The Meeting House in Cross Lane (a barn in Macklin Street).

1784 June 6th - Brookside Chapel (the first church on this site).

1836 - The building considerably enlarged and new fronted.

1860 December 12th - The second church on this site.

1963 December 7th - This is the third building dedicated to the greater glory of God.

Central United Reformed Church

A union was formed on 5th October 1972 between the Congregational Church in England and Wales and the Presbyterian Church of England to form the United Reformed Church in England and Wales.

On 5th October 1976 Green Lane, Normanton Road and Victoria Street Churches merged together, establishing the Central United Reformed Church.

Brookside Chapel 1837
hotograph  Alan Coats, 2011, All Rights Reserved
Photograph  Alan Coats, 2011, All Rights Reserved

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